The 2012 Supplier-Connection Webinar Series

Small Business Enterprises (SBEs) MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The 2012 Supplier-Connection Webinar Series kicks off MAY 15th @ 2:00PM EDT w/ “The Fundamentals of Strategic Sourcing.” To receive an invitation you must register your small business at Registration is free.

All registered SBEs who are members of The Supplier-Connection Discussion Group on LinkedIn: Complete instructions about joining the webinar were posted to the Disucssion Group on May 3rd.  Emails will be sent to all registered SBEs on Friday morning, May4th.

What do big companies look for in an SBE supplier?

How do you become a strategic supplier to the Fortune 1000?

How does understanding the procurement process help you win contracts?

Our first webinar of 2012 addresses these questions and more as “The Fundamentals of Strategic Sourcing” focuses on delivering critical information and knowledge about how the procurement process works at large corporations.  Space is limited and registration is by invitation only for registered SBEs in good standing–so make sure your registration is valid at Supplier-Connection today!

In order to thoroughly cover the topic, this webinar will be delivered in 2-parts, 60 min. each.

Part 1 – May 15th @ 2:00PM EDT.
Part 2 – May 22nd @ 2:00PM EDT.

The webinar will be led by Carol B., a Procurement Brand Manager from IBM with more than two decades of experience in a wide array of roles in IBM procurement–including Ombudsman (a vendor advocate).  Her knowledge and enthusiasm for the topic is absolutely infectious as she unlocks valuable insights into the mysterious procurement process and provides direction on how to find new business opportunities.  Here’s the initial breakdown of the agenda:


Rules of Engagement

Key Attributes of Successful Suppliers  
What do large companies look for in a supplier?
Key attributes of large corporate suppliers

Strategic Sourcing  
The Transformation Story
Why Strategic Sourcing?
What is Strategic Sourcing?
Where does Strategic Sourcing fit into Supply Chain?
How does the Strategic Sourcing Process work?
What is Strategic Sourcing’s Value Add?
Why have a segmentation strategy?

What opportunities exist for SBEs?
What are some next steps you can take to become a new supplier?

Success Stories and Key Messages

Questions & Answers  

Downloadable Take Away:  Self Assessment Analysis

I’ll be moderating the event, so please send your questions in advance.

Small Business is a journey… Be safe!

Dan Gallo
Social Media Director & SBE Advocate, Supplier-Conection
Managing Director, The Allasso Group



  1. Do I need to register for this event?

    1. The only qualification is for you to register your small business on – a free service where 16 Major Co’s have joined to award more contracts to small business suppliers. A win-win!

    2. The 2012 Supplier-Connection Webinar Series is for all small businesses registered @ – where many large co’s have committed to spending more on products/services offered by U.S.-based small businesses. I hope to see you at the webinar!

  2. look forward t the webinair

    1. Andrew… If you didn’t make the webinar the recorded versions will be posted on the GET CONNECTED page of Supplier-Connection portal.

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