Join “SBE-Connect” – A 5-Step Program to Grow Your Social Media Influence

If you’re a registered Small Business Enterprise (SBE) on Supplier-Connection and want to expand the reach of your Social Media efforts, SBE-Connect is for you!

What would it mean to your business if you added over 500 new connections on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube?

Announcing SBE-Connect –a simple cross-marketing program calling all registered SBEs to join together to make a bigger impact with their Social Media B2B marketing efforts.

May 15 Webinar Poll of SBEs Using Social MediaA poll held during Supplier-Connection’s May 15 webinar showed +72% of SBEs use Social Media–that’s +2,700 SBEs!  So 20% participation delivers 540 new connections! If you’re in the Social Media sandbox you know “social clout” is crucial and SBE-Connect will accelerate your efforts, and drive new prospects and partnerships with other SBEs.

Why is this important?  A high level of activity within each social media site ensures your content gets seen more steadily by more peopleA FACEBOOK example:  The more Likes and Comments your Facebook posts get, the longer Facebook keeps your posts in your fans’ News Feed.  More activity drives longer exposure in News Feeds which increases the likelihood of your content being read by a prospect.

To begin the program we’re focusing on the 4 majors: LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube & Twitter. Here’s a 5-step process to make it as simple as possible*:

1. You must join The Supplier-Connection Discussion Group on LinkedIn (click here).  If you’re a member, go to Step #2
2. Send an email to requesting an invitation to join the SBE-Connect LinkedIn subgroup
3. “Accept” the invitation and visit the SBE-Connect group on LinkedIn and Start a Discussion, include the following information:

  • Your LinkedIn Profile Link
  • Your LinkedIn Company Page
  • Your Company Facebook Page
  • Your Twitter Account
  • Your YouTube Channel

4. When you receive an email notice of each new LinkedIn Discussion, visit the SBE-Connect group,  follow through and click the links and “Like”, “Follow”, “Connect” and “Subscribe”. While still in the LinkedIn group, LIKE each Discussion after you’ve connected.
5. During normal Social Media activities we agree to regularly engage with each other – Liking conversations and Posts of interest, retweeting when appropriate, commenting when interested, networking where advantageous, etc.

*Supplier-Connection is a free portal where you register to get on the radar of Buyers of Large US Companies committed to buying more from U.S.-based SBEs. Click here to find out more!

We’re targeting 20% participation… And you can make sure we exceed our target.  The impact could be significant—and not just within the Supplier-Connection community.

From the onset Supplier-Connection knew this initiative would not only connect SBEs with Large Companies, that SBEs could develop a robust market amongst themselves. And even though we target Fortune 1000’s, most of us have a large number of midsized and small business customers.  SBE-Connect is designed to dramatically increase our social network and business exposure—just what we need to generate new leads.

Join the LinkedIn Group and let’s get started now!

SBEs are a journey… there’s no reason to do it alone,

Dan Gallo,
Social Media Director & Small Business Advocate, Supplier-Connection
Managing Director, The Allasso Group


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