Interviews With Experts #2: David Newman (PART I)


(Do It! Marketing)

WELCOME BACK to Interviews With Experts (to read IWE #1 with Mike Stelzner, click here).  This week we’re kicking off the first in a six-part feature with David Newman–we’ll publish a new installment of his essay “The REAL Idiot’s Guide to Social Media for Small Business Owners” Monday, Wednesday, & Friday for the next two weeks, so you’ll definitely want to keep checking in.

David Newman is the CEO of DO IT! Marketing, the author of DO IT! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits & Crush Your Competition“, a trusted speaker with over 600 corporate presentations over the last 20 years, and a Strategic Marketing Consultant for Fortune 500 Companies.  And when I approached him with this interview, he was more than happy to give us this incredibly in-depth article on the problems that SBEs face online–and the problems they create for themselves.

* * *

Dan Gallo: David, in your expert opinion, what’s your best advice the average Small Business can use to grow their business using Social Media?

David Newman:   Too many small business owners want to get involved in social media but – sadly – do not understand the intent, ideas, or influence factors that make social media an effective tactic in their overall marketing arsenal.

How can I put this without hurt feelings? Well, they’re idiots.

In this case, IDIOTS is an acronym that stands for the 6 key misconceptions, faulty assumptions, and pillars of goofy thinking that prevent most business owners and professionals (YOU perhaps?) from generating maximum results from your social media marketing efforts.
Let’s explore these 6 mistakes and give you some strategies, pointers, and tactics to make sure YOU don’t make the same mistakes. Namely…
I: “I, Me, My” syndrome
D: Dumb it down
I: Information without invitation
O: Over-selling
T: Talk without action
S: Short-term focus
Over a total of six installments we’re going to take a look at each of these six mistakes in a bit more detail – and how to do social media marketing the right way:
I: “I, Me, My syndrome.” No, your social media postings do NOT need to be all about YOU. In fact, if all you talk about is YOU – your company, your brand, your products, your services… people will ignore you, tune you out, and dismiss you for the self-centered IDIOT that you are. (Please remember IDIOT is an acronym – don’t take it personally!)
How to do it right: Experts promote other experts. Experts are not insecure about shining the spotlight on others. Experts are curators and pointers-out-of-cool-things. Experts invite other experts to post guest blogs on their websites (and they, in turn, get invited to do the same!) Experts share, collaborate and cross-promote with other experts with a genuine abundance mindset and not a scarcity mindset. The mantra goes even beyond “give to get” – rather it is “give to give.”
As long as YOU can be counted on to share interesting, relevant, valuable, sometimes even edgy content, guide your followers to the “good stuff” online, and position yourself as a reliable guide and sherpa in your area of expertise, you’ll get PLENTY of attention, love, and respect. Even MORE SO if you’re not forever focused on hyping only yourself and your business.
Grow up. Step up. Be a real expert and learn once and for all – it’s not about YOU.
Action Question: When’s the last time you promoted a fellow business owner or thought-leader in any of your marketing communications?

* * *


* * *

Make sure you come back this Wednesday for the next installment.  And, as always, running an SBE is a long distance race, you don’t need to do it alone!

Dan Gallo
SBE Advocate, Supplier Connection
Managing Director, The Allasso Group


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