Interviews With Experts #2: David Newman (PART IV)


(DO IT! Marketing)

HELLO AGAIN!  Welcome to the final week of my interview with David Newman–we’ll be wrapping up with him with the last half of the I.D.I.O.T. series this Wednesday & Friday.  Today we continue with O, which is some really great advice because it addresses a common mistake I think we’re all guilty of at some point:  over selling.

David Newman is the CEO of DO IT! Marketing, the author of DO IT! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits & Crush Your Competition“, a trusted speaker with over 600 corporate presentations over the last 20 years, and a Strategic Marketing Consultant for Fortune 500 Companies.  And when I approached him with this interview, he was more than happy to give us this incredibly in-depth review on the problems SBEs face online–and the problems they create for themselves.

* * *

David Newman:  O: Over-selling.  One particularly IDIOTIC business owner bragged proudly that ALL his social media posts have a hyperlink.

Every. Single. One.

Hyperlink to where, you ask?

To HIS online store, HIS products, HIS consulting page, HIS services overview. He said, “If you’re not linking every post to a selling opportunity, you’re just putting a lot of dead-end junk out there and you’ll never make any money.”

Now that is pure IDIOT thinking. And the sad news is it’s also the #1 complaint most buyers have about the way most business owners and small companies market themselves – namely, it’s all self-promotional hype with zero relevance to buyers or their organizations (and zero-relevance to helping them solve their urgent, expensive, pervasive problems!).

Social media is not about posting “here’s how to buy my stuff” – it’s not about creating an extra dozen or so sales pages for your products, services or programs.

If your goals are: Sell on Twitter. Sell on Facebook. Sell on LinkedIn. Sell on YouTube…

Your results will be: Unfollow. Unfriend. Unlink. Unsubscribe. You’re done. Buh-bye.

How to do it right: Content comes before commerce. Offer solutions, answers, strategies, templates, tools, and ideas – not sales messages.  Why? Because we’re living in an environment of voluntary attention. The age of “old school” outbound selling (random cold calling, batch-and-blast direct mail, buying ads and working hard to interrupt strangers) is broken. The new reality is: First you earn their attention. THEN you earn their money.

Action Question: How can you turn your next sales message into a value message? How can you solve, fix, advise and guide instead of hitting your prospects over the head with yet another “buy my stuff” message? And which one do you think they will keep, share, forward, and remember you for?

* * *
Remember to come back Wednesday and Friday for the last installments of David’s interview.  And remember, running an SBE is a long distance race that can get real lonely, build community and don’t run your race alone!
Dan Gallo
SBE Advocate, Supplier Connection
Managing Director, The Allasso Group

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