Interviews With Experts #2: David Newman (PART V)

(DO IT! Marketing)

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WELL HERE WE ARE–I can’t believe we’re so close to the end already, but ce la vieas they say.  Today we pick back up with David on the T of his Social Media for I.D.I.O.T.S., which deals with knowing when the right time is to sell your social media followers on your services.

David Newman is the CEO of DO IT! Marketing, the author of DO IT! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits & Crush Your Competition“, a trusted speaker with over 600 corporate presentations over the last 20 years, and a Strategic Marketing Consultant for Fortune 500 Companies.  And when I approached him with this interview, he was more than happy to give us this incredibly in-depth review on the problems SBEs face online–and the problems they create for themselves.

* * *

David Newman:  T: Talk without Action. After discouraging you from over-selling, the next mistake is leaving OUT a vital ingredient to your social media marketing efforts – a “call to action” (often abbreviated as CTA).

Too many speakers, consultants, and thought-leading professionals do almost everything right… but then leave their fans, followers, and subscribers wondering what to do next.

See how many of the following statements sound familiar:

  • “I’ve been blogging for 2 years and haven’t gotten a single call or email about hiring me.”
  • “I work for hours and hours on my e-zine and although I get compliments about how good the articles are, I’ve never gotten business from it.”
  • “I post all the time on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn but I’ve never gotten a single phone call from any of my social media efforts.”

How to do it right: The answer is simple – people need to be told what to do next. If you want people to email you, explicitly invite them to do so AND give them a compelling reason AND provide your email address.  Example: My friend Scott Ginsberg always ends each blog post with an invitation similar to this one:


For a list called, “9 Things Every Writer Needs to Do Every Day,” send an email to me, and you win the list for free!
* * * *
Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag
Author, Speaker, Publisher, Artist, Mentor

If you want people to call you, use the same strategy. Invite the call and provide your phone number. For example, Gerard Braud is a media training and crisis communications expert who introduces himself to hand-selected high-probability prospects on LinkedIn and ends his message this way:

“If a brief conversation about your team’s media-readiness and/or crisis communication plans would be valuable, please call me or drop me a line.

Wishing you continued success,

Gerard Braud (Jared Bro) Tel: XXX-XXX-XXXX”

Action Question: Are you using value-first CTAs in your emails, blogs, and social media postings? Are you giving people a compelling reason to engage further with you in meaningful ways such as subscribing to your e-zine, calling you or emailing you?

* * *

Well… On Friday I’ll post the final installment of my interview with David.  I hope you’ve read all of the previous insights he’s given us because the sum total adds up to a shot at leveraging the power of Social Media to help your business succeed.  Now that I’m running an SBE again I can tell you that when we help each other out the road does get a bit smoother.  Running an SBE is a long distance race, let’s help each other to stop being social media idiots, let’s build some real community and let’s not run the race alone.

I’ve got a limited number of slots to connect with Supplier Connection registered SBEs.  If you’d like to schedule some time, post a comment on this blog and I’ll connect with you.

Dan Gallo
SBE Advocate, Supplier Connection
Managing Director, The Allasso Group


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