Legacy Mornings…

For some reason I woke up this morning thinking about my legacy… What I’d leave behind in my wake: chaos or that of a life well lived?

It’s no surprise I instantly thought of my Dad. Although he passed away 30 years ago he has a family of 6 kids that hold him in high regard despite never reaching his potential.

No doubt I’m on this thought track because I’m now deeply involved in running a small business. And,  as most of you know, when you’re involved in running an SBE (small biz enterprise) with great growth opportunities, it can be an all-encompassing effort, straining all other relationships and leaving brokenness in other parts of your life in its wake.

What will my legacy be?

Kim and I are now deep in the throes of being  “empty nest-ers.” Daniel was born before I was 25, Adam 2 1/2 years later. Even though we talk and see them fairly regularly, and Daniel actually works at The Allasso Group driving all social media initiatives, I find I miss them more than I can say. Yet I know its all a part of the circle of life and it must be the way it must be.

What will your legacy be? Have you thought of it? I’d really like to hear from you.

I learned long ago that I was born for a purpose–with a set of skills that had markeplace value, yes. But born with a God-given purpose much greater than only making a successful business. What’s your purpose? I really want to know. Seriously… let me know what you’re thinking.

Life is a journey. We were not designed to do it alone. Let’s partner up!

Danny Gallo, The Small Business Lifer
Managing Director,The Allasso Group



  1. Dan –

    I believe I was created with a set of skills that help people move beyond tools and systems and get back to the work that is their purpose. It is difficult for me to watch someone struggle with a process that doesn’t fit their business or meet their needs, or one that they simply can’t connect with.

    This heart has always been with me and a year ago I really turned in this direction, taking the steps that led to creating AnimasWeb – a small web development company with about six folks working hard to make solutions that work for people. Leading this effort has taken more energy, heart, help, and faith than anything I’ve ever experienced in my life. And it isn’t over.

    I have a wife and three kids that need my livelihood, but having started down this road and seeing the delight I can provide my clients with, it is very difficult to imagine doing something different with my time. That realization has put enormous pressure on me to grow my management skills to turn this into a profitable enterprise.

    Right now, my focus is on creating strategic partnerships with agencies, designers, and non-web businesses that can provide a steady flow of work our direction. This direction has been blessed with some new relationships and opportunities. I’m learning some new dance moves, but that feels like part of the goal. It’s that desire that also led me to Supplier Connection, which is where I first found your blog.

    Thanks for reminding me that beyond the marketability of my skills, there is a reason that I’m wired this way and there are needs, soul-needs, that I’m put here to care for. Even in this work, I am the hands and feet of God.

    Be well.


  2. Grant,

    I’ve read your comment several times and each time I’m taken by the passion and sense of purpose that explodes off the screen. You embody the very difference entrepreneurs make in the market place.

    I’ve been through the same process as you while my boys were growing up and, all I can say, is you have to find the right balance between your role as their father and your desire to see your business vision come to newer and newer realities.

    The key, I believe, is finding a way to fulfill our bigger, God-given purpose while meeting our desire to achieve and life’s other requirements and obligations.


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