Would You Tell This Joke?

This past Wednesday evening I interviewed Steven Sashen, CEO of Xero Shoes. Steven and his wife & business partner, Lena, were on an episode of Shark Tank (ABC-TV, Friday nights) & we connected via Twitter (as “geeky” as it sounds, we both Live Tweet about the show while it airs).

In honor of Steven’s 1st career as a stand-up comedian & actor, and in advance of posting the interview, I present one of his (current) favorite business jokes (which still makes me laugh out loud).

Watch the 30 second clip & vote in the poll below!

I can’t express how thoroughly I enjoyed my time with Steven. He was not only extremely informed and engaging, but as it turns out, his experience in starting and running SBEs is vast. In fact, like many of us, Steven is a card-carrying, life-long member of The SBE Lifer club. An hour went by so fast it made my head spin.

This was my first time doing an interview using desktop videoconferencing (I get mine as a monthly service from Viable Video, a company that focuses on the SBE market)… Steven was at his office in Colorado, me at my home office in Connecticut (and it’s pretty clear from watching that I need to purchase a better quality video camera before my next interview!).

There are a great number of lessons for us all in this interview. In addition to covering in great detail his Shark Tank experience, we cover a good number of other topics close to the heart of every entrepreneur. This really is MUST SEE TV — I can’t wait to post it & get your feedback.

For The SBE Lifer,

Danny Gallo

COO, myVRM.com
Managing Director, The Allasso Group
Small Business Advocate, Supplier Connection



  1. My husband and I love Shark Tank!

    1. Melinda — Likewise! My wife & I faithfully watch it… we even found DRAGONS DEN which is the Canadian & UK version of the show. And believe it or not, Mr. Wonderful Kevin O’Leary is on all three. Robert Herjavec also appears. It’s likely the best show ever created for entrepreneurs. Wouldn’t you agree?

      1. Absolutely! Mr. Wonderful always cracks us up! Every time we watch it we both say we need to invent something stat!! But as young, brand new business owners it gives us courage! If those people can do it- we can do it too!!

      2. Wait until you hear about how much preparation Steven & Lena did for their segment! Amazing! But it’s a good example of the level of effort we need to hit in order to even be in the game…

        I look forward to your feedback on the interview!


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