Interviews With Experts #6: Steven Sashen, ABC-TV’s Shark Tank Contestant (PART I)

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Read Part II >

In mid-February, 2013 Steven Sashen and his wife and partner, Lena, of Xero Shoes were featured on an episode of ABC-TV’s Shark Tank, a reality-business show. As usual, my wife & I were watching, live Tweeting about the action and doing a bit of promotion about my blog entry “How Would You Do In The Shark Tank?“. In early May, while live Tweeting another episode, Steven reached out to me. We tweeted back and forth and he agreed to an interview.

Here’s Part 1, in which we talk about the initial spark behind Xero Shoes and the trials & tribulations thereafter; then we go into great detail about their appearance on Shark Tank–their preparation and research, as well as a spirited discussion on how they put a value on their business. Folks: The content in this interview is extremely valuable for anyone running an SBE… thinking about running an SBE… or, for that matter, if you’re just “thinking!” Let me know if I’m right about its value or if I’m “all wet”:

Make sure to come back next Monday for Part II.

Again, I’d like to thank Steven for taking the time to talk with me, and until next time,

I am… the SBE Lifer. Are you?

Danny Gallo

Chief Operating Officer, myVRM

Managing Director, The Allasso Group

Small Business Advocate, Supplier Connection


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