Are You Investing or Gambling on Your Future?

A few months ago I was standing at a trade show booth at InfoComm13 in Orlando, FL when I struck up a conversation with the Director of Channel Sales for the company next to me about investing in the future.  And we came upon a similar set of experiences… Are we investing? Or just gambling?

Investing implies a strategic use of all available resources working in conjunction with each other to create the maximum market impact. Investing implies a plan is in place. Investing implies a criteria for evaluating secondary opportunities and holding off on weaker ones until planned objectives are met.

Gambling implies shooting from the hip and throwing every idea at the market, like spaghetti at a wall, hoping something will stick. Unfiltered, you chase after every idea convinced it’s going to make you millions. Meanwhile, your core product suffers from a siphoning away of critical resources, sabotaging your real chance at success.

If you don’t have a thorough business plan, a real marketing plan, and a bullet-proof process for mapping customer decisions, chances are you’re gambling with the future of your company, your employees’ futures (not to mention the futures of all families involved), and destined for collapse.

Which one are you doing? Investing? Or gambling?

Running a Small Business is a major undertaking, don’t gamble it away–partner up with others who can fill your knowledge gaps…

Danny Gallo, I am an SBE Lifer… are you?
Managing Director, The Allasso Group

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Here’s a 4th Link: Don’t Jump Into Social Media Without a Marketing Plan!


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