TRUE STORY – part 1

It was August 2013 and my family and I were headed back to Belize with The Word at Work ( on a short-term missions trip. This was special because it was the first time in 6 years we were able to all go together. And the trip included just one other family, The Kral’s of Victoria, Texas.

It was an exciting, jam-packed week as we got to finish building a house with a family in real need, visited with a sewing co-op TWAW helped launch, and got to spend time with the children of a local orphanage in the final stages of completing a brand new building.


The Gallo & Kral Families. Belize Int’l Airport, August 2013

Home construction in Belmopan, Belize

Home construction in Belmopan, Belize

Kids find creative ways to play with balloons!

Kids find creative ways to play with balloons!

Belize City Women's Sewing Co-Op

Belize City Women’s Sewing Co-Op

After a few days James and Traci told us about their business — TK’s Trailer Rentals, renting +80 fully-loaded mobile RV Trailers in the oil fields of south Texas, a dust-bowl region rejuvenated by advances in hydro-fracturing technologies. Evaluating the regions’ opportunities, they also bought two food trucks with the intention of launching a food service. But with all they could handle on the trailer side, the food trucks sat idle.

As we headed home I began to think more and more about the food trucks and I grew more and more intrigued. At the time I was making a long commute turning-around an early stage software company where I had significant divergent operating views with the majority shareholder. I was tired of the daily grind.

Kim and I were fascinated by the food truck craze, gorging ourselves on every food truck TV show on the air. Naturally, ideas started flying.

By September we were knee-deep in planning a new business. By October I received iPhone video clips of the trucks from James—but the images were so scrambled they looked more like the first transmissions from the moon. I couldn’t see anything, but I had faith in what I saw! In November I flew down to check out the region with my oldest son, Daniel.

Everything went great with one exception: The idle food trucks were a rusted mess.

Undeterred, we plowed ahead. We were struck by the countryside and the people we met… the heartland of America… Where integrity isn’t just a word, it’s a personal commitment. And when you give your word, it’s as good as done. And I wanted to be a part of it.

Daniel likened the area to the old gold rush boom towns. And Boom Town Food Services was born. We worked hard and came up with a tagline that echoed my vision for this new food service business:

Boom Town Food

Food for the Heartland

I went to my good friend, Robbie de Villiars ( to design the logo and what a great job he did turning our rantings and concepts into a logo I felt represented the BRAND we wanted to create:

Over the next 45 days we went from logo design to menu design to truck shopping. At the end of December I bought a used food truck & redesigned it to meet our projected needs. I spent January actually doing the work with good friend with great auto-body skills… and went from this ugly duckling…

Passengers side from front



to a spectacular looking food truck that would

become the best marketing tool our business could ever ask for:

7th Draft Wrap - Driver Side






End of PART 1

Soli Deo Gloria!

Dan Gallo, The Small Business Lifer


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