Building Personal Wealth

currency business bar graph with green dollar symbolI was talking with my brother-in-law, Tom about personal finances & building a nest egg. Mostly because he asked me & I was being polite. And mostly because he knows while I like earning money, I don’t love managing it. He also knows I hate paying someone else to manage it for me. He knows me for 20+ years & knows I need help—even if I didn’t ask for any. But he’s family, right?

He sends me this link, a financial fitness service he’s been working. High quality people & a wealth building process bundled with everything I needed:

  • Financial Training & Mentoring by Ross W. Jardine, a well known trainer & expert author (I google him, he checks out) w/ budgeting software
  • TaxBot Software to record every tax deductible expense from your smart phone—great for a small business owner
  • Trade Alerts to put money to work—weekly/monthly stock trades, or Forex trade alerts from financial analyst’s, telling exactly when to get in & out. Real “color-by-numbers” stuff.
  • It costs less per month than some Investment Subscriptions I was already ignoring, and
  • There’s a 6 month 300% money back guarantee—Follow their alerts & don’t turn a profit? Get back your monthly fee  MULTIPLIED times 3.

Intrigued. But right now I’d really rather do anything else.

I click the link because he asks me to & because I know deep down for all of the time I’ve invested in education & perfecting my marketing & sales & small business management skills, I’ve invested next to nothing–and was, at best, poor at managing & growing my own wealth. And I knew I needed to change.

Click here for the link Tom sent me. I’m taking it slow, an hour or two a week, just getting my arms around it. So far, so good. If you check it out, be sure to let me know.

Running a Small Business well should be like managing your household well… unless you’re ignoring one for the other.

Happy Holidays & Godspeed,

Dan Gallo, The Small Business Lifer
Managing Director, The Allasso Group

Services include: Sales Agency Agreements | Digital Marketing & Social Media Campaigns | Business Plans & Capital Raising


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