THE ALLASSO GROUP Authors Digital Fundamentals Certification Course for OMI

June 6, 2017 – Earlier this month the Online Marketing Institute (OMI) released their latest immersive multimedia video certification course titled: Digital Fundamentals Certification. OMI tapped into the digital marketing expertise of The Allasso Group’s Managing Director, Dan Gallo to author the certification course.

Gallo co-wrote the course last winter while participating as a finalist in MassChallenge UK’s small business accelerator for Relationship 2.0, Inc., the software company he co-founded and is the CEO. He co-wrote the course with ALLASSO’s Digital Marketing Manager, and his son, Daniel N Gallo. “I love working with Daniel. He’s not only an excellent writer and editor, but his knowledge of the visual aesthetics for each digital platform really added significant value to the course,” said the elder Gallo.

OMI needed a course for business people new to the digital marketing and social media world, and it needed to be a certification course–which meant it had to cover a wide and  thorough range of topics. Gallo continued, “At The Allasso Group we’ve been running digital marketing campaigns for large and small companies since 2007, so it was interesting taking all of those real-world experiences and crafting a course that would serve OMI’s needs, and the needs of people new to digital marketing, particularly first-time home-based business owners.”

OMI Digital Fundamental Certification Course Title Image

The Online Marketing Institute carries the most comprehensive library of courses, lessons, and videos on how to effectively use online marketing tools. The Digital Fundamentals Course is available at for $859.00USD.

Gallo continued, “We wound up with so much content it exceeded the time allotted for the course! The editing process was painful as we paired back over 7 hours of content into the 6 hour final course.”

The Allasso Group has specialized in leveraging their 30 years of business operations, sales, and marketing experience on behalf of their customers.


The business landscape keeps changing, make sure you invest in knowledge–it will serve you well!


Dan Gallo, The Small Business Lifer
CEO & Co-Founder, Relationship 2.0, Inc.
Managing Director, The Allasso Group, LLC

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