CoupleWise Teams with eHome Counseling to Launch

Delivering a major innovation to help repair any relationship

Weston, CT – October 5, 2017 – Relationship 2.0, the developer of CoupleWise, has partnered with eHome Counseling Management Partners, an industry leader in online video counseling, to launch The offering is based on eHome Counseling’s highly successful model of bundling best-in-class online content and courseware with live video coaching from certified counselors and therapists.

The offering uses the CoupleWise 5-week immersive Needs-Based Conflict Resolution course, an interactive assessment and multimedia course with proven effectiveness. The program adds 5 live video coaching sessions with eHome Counseling’s certified therapists and counselors to allow couples to discuss effective ways to resolve conflicts. This new offering will deliver a one-of-a-kind therapeutic experience where couples learn how to apply a world-renowned conflict resolution process to their own personal struggles and quickly bring positive change to their relationship.

CEO Danny Gallo said, “We’re excited to partner with eHome Counseling—a great organization with a great mission. Combining CoupleWise with online relationship coaching from accredited counselors shows the breadth and depth of our product. We are certain CoupleWise can improve results when compared to ‘therapy-only’ outcomes.” At CoupleWise, we believe preventive care for marriages and committed relationships is the last (and long neglected) frontier in relational health and wellness, and we are thrilled to be partnering with eHome Counseling to advance this concept.

eHome Counseling’s unique video coaching approach connects Master’s level counselors with couples through an easy, secure video link. Brad Rex, President and CEO: “Instead of having to travel to a counselor’s office, couples can meet with their coaches using a computer, tablet or phone, wherever they are—at work, home, school or traveling. It’s convenient, confidential and cost effective.” He continued, “No one else offers a combination of online assessment with couples coaching to provide a 90% improvement rate. I encourage every couple to find out how eHomeCouples can help their relationship thrive.”


About Relationship 2.0
Relationship 2.0 is a digital health and wellness company and the developer of the CoupleWise program. It  takes the wisdom from 50 years of couples counseling and research to create proven practices that build healthier relationships across all aspects of life. CoupleWise is based, in part, on the research of Dr.’s Charles and Elizabeth Schmitz. They looked at predictors of both divorce and long-lasting happiness in over 35,000 marriages and committed relationships. We translated these predictors into our 24 Relationship Needs. CoupleWise helps a couple determine their satisfaction levels with these needs, and then, based on their profiles, applies the best practices of cognitive behavioral therapy to get their most important needs met first. From your marriage or committed relationship, to your children, family, friends, and work colleagues—CoupleWise is the home for healthy relationships.

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About eHome Counseling Management Partners
eHome Counseling Management Partners provides psychological counseling by videoconference and text. eHome Counseling companies are focused on restoring lives by revolutionizing the behavioral healthcare industry so our clients can “Live Again!”  Our companies provide a convenient, confidential, highly effective alternative to traditional office-based counseling programs. We use HIPAA-compliant, customer friendly, integrated systems with online appointment scheduling. Our Sixth Sense Counselor Performance Model™ utilizes metrics-based feedback to ensure the highest performing counselors for every client. Our unique offerings have a 91% client satisfaction rate with a 10% no show rate, far better than any other program in the industry. The company has six subsidiaries that deal with specific issues, including veterans with PTSD; drug and alcohol addiction aftercare; medical practice clients with behavioral needs; private, individual counseling; and, couples coaching.

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