CoupleWise Included in’s New “Healthy Family Bundle”

Launching to their audience of almost 1 million monthly visitors this week

Weston, CT, October 9, 2017: Relationship 2.0, the developers of CoupleWise, has completed an agreement with to be included in their “Healthy Family Bundle” of health and wellness apps and tools. CoupleWise will be bundled alongside five other family-focused products for under $30.00US per month, including 24/7/365 access to a U.S.Board Certified Doctor, and comprehensive courses in Family First Aid and CPR. HealthStatus’s mission is to provide every family with an affordable, complete solution for every aspect of their mental, physical, and financial health; and CoupleWise is the first Health & Wellness application for couples counseling, delivering real benefits in building long-lasting satisfying relationships.

CEO Dan Gallo said, “We’re excited to be a part of this offering as it provides affordable preventive care for every family—CoupleWise will improve and strengthen your relationship with your spouse or partner, as well as with friends and family.  And combined with their first aid courses, exercise app, financial fitness program, and 24/7/365 access to a doctor via WebDoctorPlus, this bundle provides 360° coverage for every family’s core needs.” At CoupleWise, we believe preventive care for a couple’s marriage or committed relationship is the last (and long neglected) frontier in health and wellness, and we are thrilled to partner with an industry leader in HealthStatus.


HealthStatus launched in 1998, and what started as a medical advice site for Body Mass Index calculators and the like has grown into a full-service portal for wellness solutions, interactive health assessments, workout and diet plans, health hacks, and much more; and, most important of all, is their core message of tried-and-true healthy habits and a focus not just on physical health, but on mental and spiritual health as well. Greg White, President and Founder of said “CoupleWise is the perfect addition to our new product as nothing is more important to a family than for parents to build a healthy and solid foundation with each other.” Gallo continues, “They are a perfect partner for CoupleWise, and we’re excited to introduce ourselves to their 1 million monthly visitors.”

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About Relationship 2.0
Relationship 2.0 is a digital health and wellness company and the developer of CoupleWise. It  takes the wisdom from 50 years of couples counseling and research to create proven practices that build healthier relationships across all aspects of life. CoupleWise is based, in part, on the research of Dr.’s Charles and Elizabeth Schmitz. They looked at predictors of both divorce and long-lasting happiness in over 35,000 marriages and committed relationships. We translated these predictors into our 24 Relationship Needs. CoupleWise helps a couple determine their satisfaction levels with these needs, and then, based on their profiles, applies the best practices of cognitive behavioral therapy to get their most important needs met first. From your marriage or committed relationship, to your children, family, friends, and work colleagues—CoupleWise is the home for healthy relationships.

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