CoupleWise Partners with G.E. Retirees Association

CoupleWise & Money Mastery will donate $1 per sale to their Association

Weston, CT, October 10, 2017: Relationship 2.0, the developers of CoupleWise, has completed a contract with the Retirees Against General Electric Healthcare Changes (a Solutions Association) to create a special benefit offering to help them grow their base of supporters. CoupleWise will be bundled alongside Money Mastery, a family financial fitness tool for a special low price. R.A.G.E. HCC is a healthcare provider and lobbying group for over 230,000 retirees of General Electric who saw their healthcare benefits slashed in 2014.

John Phelps, the President of RAGE HCC, said, “RAGE HCC is a progressive, solutions-oriented benefits and advocacy Association of GE Retirees, Dependents, and Family members—we have approved these two wellness offerings because our goal is to help GE Retirees and their families all across this country, simply because we are their voice.” We are excited to partner with them to help improve the quality of their members’ lives as they navigate their changing relationships and retirement needs.

Together, CoupleWise and Money Mastery will  (1) grow awareness of the association, (2) drive new membership, (3) offer their members revolutionary help for their most important relationships and future financial management, and (4) donate a portion of the proceeds for each monthly subscriber to help fund the association.

CEO, Dan Gallo: “Our combined offering is based on the wisdom of relationship and financial industry experts, addressing real-world problems applicable to every individual and family. Together with our partners at Money Mastery, we will not only improve the quality and health of marriages and relationships, but we’ll also help them learn how to address their financial challenges.” At CoupleWise, we believe preventive care for marriages and committed relationships is the last (and too long neglected) frontier in health and wellness, and we are thrilled to work with RAGEHCC to offer solutions for families in need.

This partnership will help G.E. retirees, family and friends:

  • Learn what their core relationship needs are and find healthy ways of expressing them
  • Develop conflict resolution skills that don’t poison their relationships
  • Offer a program which delivers relationship wellness at a fraction of the cost of counseling
  • Gain control of their financial futures by developing a real plan to get out of debt, and put more against retirement planning with Money Mastery’s easy to follow program


About Money Mastery
Money Mastery is a financial literacy program that promises to get you out of debt within 9 years on existing income. You will learn how to budget your spending, manage debt, plan for retirement, and so much more. Gallo continues, “Since most Americans can’t afford to retire until age 76, Money Mastery is a home run for G.E. retirees–especially because your relationships and your money are the two biggest contributors to unhealthy stress and heart disease.”

For more information about Money Mastery, visit


About Relationship 2.0
Relationship 2.0 is a digital health and wellness company and the developer of CoupleWise. It  takes the wisdom from 50 years of couples counseling and research to create proven practices that build healthier relationships across all aspects of life. CoupleWise is based, in part, on the research of Dr.’s Charles and Elizabeth Schmitz. They looked at predictors of both divorce and long-lasting happiness in over 35,000 marriages and committed relationships. We translated these predictors into our 24 Relationship Needs. CoupleWise helps a couple determine their satisfaction levels with these needs, and then, based on their profiles, applies the best practices of cognitive behavioral therapy to get their most important needs met first. From your marriage or committed relationship, to your children, family, friends, and work colleagues—CoupleWise is the home for healthy relationships.

For more information about CoupleWise, visit


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