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Help Cagney Recover!

Greetings! I launched Boom Town Foods in the south Texas oilfields at the end of January, 2014, but this update is not about our progress–I’ll publish a blog update over the Thanksgiving Holiday. This is about helping save one of the 3 AMAZING, ADORABLE, homeless dogs we rescued from roaming around the RV Parks in […]

TRUE STORY – part 1

It was August 2013 and my family and I were headed back to Belize with The Word at Work ( on a short-term missions trip. This was special because it was the first time in 6 years we were able to all go together. And the trip included just one other family, The Kral’s of […]

Free eBook: How To Crowdfund Your Small Business to Success

First, a quick story: Like many entrepreneurs between 2008 and 2010, I got crushed over a very badly timed foray into the luxury real estate market. Even though I dusted myself off and got back in the race, my credit score is lagging well behind our personal recovery because we stopped using credit. “If we […]

Business Fundamentals: #2. Develop a Business Plan

Yesterday I met with a top Leadership Development consultant.  During our meeting he talked about learning to deep sea dive: “Diving is a lot like running a business: You have to plan your dive, then dive your plan. If you don’t you could die.” Which is the only way, I believe, you should think about […]

Will your prospect ever become a Customer?

If your business serves large organizations, you’ll note that just like tornado season, there are seasons when you’re flooded with opportunities. You’re busy working with prospects, determining requirements, answering questions and getting out proposals. You start to dream: “if I convert only [insert your percentage here] X% of these leads I’ll blow through my sales […]

Business Fundamentals: #1. Do What You Promise

Recently I was unwinding a pretty sticky situation between the CEO of a small business and one of his vendors. It got pretty ugly, as these things often do, to the point where the vendor sent a very polite email to the CEO “firing” them as an ongoing customer and ending with: “when we receive […]

Are You Investing or Gambling on Your Future?

A few months ago I was standing at a trade show booth at InfoComm13 in Orlando, FL when I struck up a conversation with the Director of Channel Sales for the company next to me about investing in the future.  And we came upon a similar set of experiences… Are we investing? Or just gambling? […]