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THE ALLASSO GROUP Authors Digital Fundamentals Certification Course for OMI

June 6, 2017 – Earlier this month the Online Marketing Institute (OMI) released their latest immersive multimedia video certification course titled: Digital Fundamentals Certification. OMI tapped into the digital marketing expertise of The Allasso Group’s Managing Director, Dan Gallo to author the certification course. Gallo co-wrote the course last winter while participating as a finalist […]

Is Your Digital Marketing Effective?

In 1964 Marshall McLuhan, the leading prophet of the electronic age, stated that we’re raised to learn by reading (i.e.: a linear medium), but electronic mediums (TV, the Internet & Social Media) transfer information with sight & sound—in an instantaneous, non-linear, totally immersive manner.
Does your digital presence reflect the emphasis?

Help Cagney Recover!

Greetings! I launched Boom Town Foods in the south Texas oilfields at the end of January, 2014, but this update is not about our progress–I’ll publish a blog update over the Thanksgiving Holiday. This is about helping save one of the 3 AMAZING, ADORABLE, homeless dogs we rescued from roaming around the RV Parks in […]

Free eBook: How To Crowdfund Your Small Business to Success

First, a quick story: Like many entrepreneurs between 2008 and 2010, I got crushed over a very badly timed foray into the luxury real estate market. Even though I dusted myself off and got back in the race, my credit score is lagging well behind our personal recovery because we stopped using credit. “If we […]

Crowdfunding Update: A House Divided…

July 11, 2013: The “autumn rhythm” documentary Kickstarter project page was up. Our email campaign to 3,000 friends, family & acquaintances was in full motion. We hit the 10% pledge mark on Day 7 with a troubling statistic: not a single pledge was received from people we didn’t know–a crowdfunding death-blow–so I’m told. It was […]

CrowdFunding “Autumn Rhythm” – My Kickstarter Experience – (so far)

Today I launched a Kickstarter project to fund an important film. Here’s why: My sister Donna has been an artist her entire life. She’s also had more operations to remove tumors than anyone I know. A few years ago the doctors found a bone growing over the left side of her skull. A biopsy revealed […]

Interviews With Experts #6: Steven Sashen, ABC-TV’s Shark Tank Contestant (PART II)

Read Part I > In mid-February, 2013 Steven Sashen and his wife and partner, Lena, of Xero Shoes were featured on an episode of ABC-TV’s Shark Tank, a reality-business show. As usual, my wife & I were watching, live Tweeting about the action and doing a bit of promotion about my blog entry “How Would […]