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Languages International Hires The Allasso Group as Sales Agency

April 7, 2016 Greenwich, CT. In late September 2015 Beverly Wall, CEO of Languages International, Inc., an 18 year old language translation service business based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was investigating new ways to grow her business in 2016. In research mode, she contacted and had several conversations with Dan Gallo, The Allasso Group’s Managing […]

Coming Soon: Twitter Chats with Supplier Connection

…and now: a short message from our Sponsors. In the coming weeks, Supplier Connection is starting monthly Twitter chats on @SupplierCon. They’re kind of like “Office Hours,” a time when you can drop by to ask questions and get helpful tips on making the most out of Supplier Connection. Each chat will focus on a […]

Interviews With Experts #5: @TweetSmarter

@TWEETSMARTER (@TweetSmarter) WELCOME ONCE AGAIN to Interviews With Experts.  This week I talk with Dave Larson, 1/2 of the Twitter pro duo @TweetSmarter, about some very simple & concrete ways you can use Social Media to your SBE’s advantage–without being a guru-for-the-ages.  Dave was even kind enough to include a list of further readings that cover the […]

Interviews With Experts #4: Mark Schaefer

MARK W. SCHAEFER (Schaefer Marketing Solutions) WELCOME BACK to Interviews With Experts (to read past Interviews, click here). This week, we’ve got a really in-depth discussion with Mark W. Schaefer about how a small business can plan and execute an effective Social Media campaign. If this is the first Interview you’ve checked out, I promise […]

Interviews With Experts #3: Jason Falls

JASON FALLS (Social Media Explorer , JasonFalls.com) WELCOME BACK to Interviews With Experts. This week I talk with Jason Falls (the founder of Social Media Explorer)–and it’s all about brevity. 1 simple question, 1 simple answer. And instead of getting his opinions on the broad strokes of Social Media, I asked Jason if he would […]

Interviews With Experts #2: David Newman (PART VI)

DAVID NEWMAN (DO IT! Marketing) PART I >  //  PART II >  //  PART III >  //  PART IV>  //  PART V> “S“!  WE KNEW it was coming, but it’s a shock all the same.  Welcome to the final installment of my interview with David Newman, who’s been walking us through his version of Social […]

Interviews With Experts #2: David Newman (PART V)

DAVID NEWMAN (DO IT! Marketing) PART I >  //  PART II >  //  PART III >  //  PART IV> WELL HERE WE ARE–I can’t believe we’re so close to the end already, but ce la vie, as they say.  Today we pick back up with David on the T of his Social Media for I.D.I.O.T.S., which deals with knowing when […]