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Are You Investing or Gambling on Your Future?

A few months ago I was standing at a trade show booth at InfoComm13 in Orlando, FL when I struck up a conversation with the Director of Channel Sales for the company next to me about investing in the future.  And we came upon a similar set of experiences… Are we investing? Or just gambling? […]

Back in the Saddle Again…

It was early June 2012 and I just hung up the phone with a customer who kept delaying a direct email campaign I was producing for him because he and his managers couldn’t decide on their core product offering. Having just completed my sixth year of consulting after running companies for the previous 22 years, […]

How Would You Do in the Shark Tank?

The American Dream of building and growing a business is alive and well.  In fact, you can see it played out every Friday night on “Shark Tank” – a reality TV show with, at least, some redeeming value. As avid fans, my wife and I are glued to the TV watching as each hopeful small […]

The 2012 Supplier-Connection Webinar Series

Small Business Enterprises (SBEs) MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The 2012 Supplier-Connection Webinar Series kicks off MAY 15th @ 2:00PM EDT w/ “The Fundamentals of Strategic Sourcing.” To receive an invitation you must register your small business at http://supplier-connection.net. Registration is free. All registered SBEs who are members of The Supplier-Connection Discussion Group on LinkedIn: Complete instructions about […]

Part II: How to Ramp-Up to Serve a Fortune 1000 Company

The 5-Step Process: As I mentioned in Part I of this blog, the lessons I learned from living though the “ramp-up” experience resulted in the 5-Step Process I’ve outlined below. But before we start, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that for more insights on closing big orders with big companies you should […]

Part I: How to Ramp-Up to Serve a Fortune 1000 Company

Since I launched my first company in 1985 I’ve started a total of six SBEs. Each company was in the B2B space selling to the Fortune 1000. In each case I closed a large order with a F1000 that was the catalyst for significant growth.  And each time I went through the process I learned […]

Why Do Small Businesses Stay… small

Why do small businesses stay small? A pretty good question, especially to an audience of small business enterprises (SBEs) and entrepreneurs. You likely joined Supplier-Connection to help grow your business by winning major contracts and building relationships with the Fortune 500 partners. Richard Hodapp, the creator of a business process called Decision MAPping® says SBEs […]