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Interviews With Experts #7: Stephen Jackson’s Run2LIVE

RUN2LIVE (@RoadDoggz) THIS TIME around we’re doing things a little differently:  This interview has next-to-nothing to do with Social Media.  You can relax. Stephen Jackson was one of the first SBEs to reach out to me through Supplier Connection.  Stephen was also on the council of SBEs I worked with to develop the 2012 Supplier […]

Crowdfunding Update: A House Divided…

July 11, 2013: The “autumn rhythm” documentary Kickstarter project page was up. Our email campaign to 3,000 friends, family & acquaintances was in full motion. We hit the 10% pledge mark on Day 7 with a troubling statistic: not a single pledge was received from people we didn’t know–a crowdfunding death-blow–so I’m told. It was […]