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Interviews With Experts #5: @TweetSmarter

@TWEETSMARTER (@TweetSmarter) WELCOME ONCE AGAIN to Interviews With Experts.  This week I talk with Dave Larson, 1/2 of the Twitter pro duo @TweetSmarter, about some very simple & concrete ways you can use Social Media to your SBE’s advantage–without being a guru-for-the-ages.  Dave was even kind enough to include a list of further readings that cover the […]

Another Show, Another City

There’s something very comforting about doing things you’ve done before. It doesn’t matter how many types of companies you start there are a host of things that are similar–looking for office space, the profiling and hiring of quality employees, crafting the message and building content for your company’s web site, competitive research, and the list […]

Interviews With Experts #4: Mark Schaefer

MARK W. SCHAEFER (Schaefer Marketing Solutions) WELCOME BACK to Interviews With Experts (to read past Interviews, click here). This week, we’ve got a really in-depth discussion with Mark W. Schaefer about how a small business can plan and execute an effective Social Media campaign. If this is the first Interview you’ve checked out, I promise […]

Legacy Mornings…

For some reason I woke up this morning thinking about my legacy… What I’d leave behind in my wake: chaos or that of a life well lived? It’s no surprise I instantly thought of my Dad. Although he passed away 30 years ago he has a family of 6 kids that hold him in high […]